Peter Fullarton : Niel Gow’s New Bench

Niel Gow (1727- 1807) is one of Scotland’s most celebrated fiddle players. He was essentially a self taught musician until the age of 13 where he received formal lessons. As he got older, he was often called upon to perform at balls and other events for the wealthy.

To commemorate the work of the fiddle player, a bench was erected by Niel Gow’s Oak, believed to be the place where Gow composed many of his pieces. After the original bench on the banks of the Tay was destroyed by a branch fallen from this tree during a storm, a new bench was unveiled at a small ceremony on Saturday 23rd March 2013 by Peter Fullarton of the Forestry Commission. Accompanied by celebrated Scottish fiddler, Pete Clark, the family of Michael Marra, the Bard of Dundee and the author of the bench’s inscribed quote, paid thanks to it’s creators and honoured the men who had inspired the work.

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